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Shipping Info

  • Give us a lick! Even if you don’t live within walking distance of one of our scoop shops, you can treat yourself to our unique, made-from-scratch ice cream goodness.  We ship to offices (hello, office party!) or residential addresses, but not to P.O. Boxes, for fairly obvious reasons.
  • We ship your ice cream frozen, with dry ice in the container, and guarantee that it will arrive frozen, or we will replace it.  We ship so your ice cream arrives Thursday through Saturday.
  • We ship every Wednesday, so if you order on a Wednesday, we will ship the following Wednesday. 
  • Here’s a solid hint – if you are surprising someone with ice cream, don’t. They need to be home when it arrives, so it doesn’t turn into artisan soup.
  • Bear in mind that weather, strikes, and other random events may delay delivery – if it does, and your ice cream melts, we’ll replace it, ‘cause we’re awesome like that.
  • Our online store will price your shipment, including shipping, packaging, &c.
  • When it arrives, don’t touch the dry ice with your bare hands. Don’t lick it. Just dispose of it responsibly (We favor putting it outside away from all kids and animals. Just let it sublimate in to the atmosphere. Dry ice can be dangerous if you do not know how to use it, so please keep it away from the kids.).