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Red Wagon Creamery hand-crafts each batch of ice cream fresh from scratch. As with any food, using the finest ingredients is the key to making the best ice cream.



It begins with cows that are raised naturally, without artificial growth hormones (rBST or rGBH, for example). Our milk and cream are antibiotic-free, so no chemicals are passed on to you.

The cow's diet includes natural herbs and grasses, giving the milk and cream an amazing, old-world flavor.

Then, our cream and milk are low-temperature pasteurized, resulting in better flavor and more creaminess.

Since we get our milk and cream straight from the dairy, it is fresh-fresh-fresh. We churn our ice cream with milk and cream that is only days from the cow.



Our vanilla pods and vanilla extract come from Eugene's own Singing Dog Vanilla, and are organic and fair trade plus. We use a Bourbon Vanilla bean, which has a deeper, more robustly vanilla flavor than a Tahitian vanilla.



All of our chocolate is organic & vegan, and is 70% cacao, for a luscious chocolate flavor, but without being bitter.



We use organic, fair-trade certified evaporated cane juice. Other organic and natural sweeteners include: organic maple syrup, organic agave, and honey sourced from local beekeepers.



Living in the Willamette Valley, we are fortunate to have a bounty of fresh, local produce. All of our fruits, vegetables (yes, we use some vegetables in wild recipes), bacon, herbs, apples, hazelnuts—all come from local growers, producers, and farms. We even went to the orchard to help with the cherry harvest - want to see the tall, tall ladders? Here's a video.



Frozen Goat (our coffee ice cream for people who love coffee) is made using Fair Trade Café Feminino beans, roasted by Eugene’s own Wandering Goat Coffee Company. Café Feminino beans are sourced exclusively from women-owned cooperatives in Peru, Guatemala and Rwanda.



Not only do we want to support our local food industry, but it doesn’t make sense to us to ship organic strawberries in from Chile when we can simply wait until they’re in season here. That way, we have the freshest berries possible while also reducing the carbon footprint of our ice cream.



Here’s our credo: If it’s local and organic, we use that. If it’s not local, we go with organic. If it’s neither, we go with the most responsible version available. We will opt for local non-organic over far-away organic.



Some other local ingredients include lavender, beets, carrots, rosemary, mint, cantaloupe and bacon (we cure our own bacon, naturally), plus local hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, local honey, strawberries, blackberries, loganberries, blueberries & raspberries.



Some of our organic ingredients include vanilla, peppermint, maple, ginger, and orange extracts, coconut, lavender, baby beets, carrots, and rosemary, Meyer lemons, mint, bacon and Bing cherries.