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Frequently Asked Questions

What flavors do you have?

That’s a tough one.  Since we only use berries and fruit when it’s in season locally, all of our non-core flavors are dictated by the seasons, and by the whims of Chef Emily.  We’ll almost always have Smoked Salt Caramel No. 6, Not-so-plain-Jane Vanilla, Heart of Chocolate, Oregon Mint Chip, Wandering Goat Coffee, Hail to the Bee, and a sorbet of some sort. Other than, that, flavors range from Strawberry Riesling to Blackberry Black Pepper & Cardamom. You’ll have to either come in or call the store to see what’s on the board!

Is your ice cream all natural?

Definitely. Every single item that we make will contain nothing but all-natural ingredients.

Do you use locally grown ingredients to make your ice cream?

Absolutely. All of the dairy products used to make Red Wagon Creamery’s ice cream are from local cows who spend their days munching on hay and grass in the Willamette Valley, relaxing under the gray, gray Oregon skies where they are hormone and antibiotic free. We use local produce. If something is not available locally, we get organic, fair trade, and awesome.

Is your ice cream organic?

It is all natural, and we use as many organic ingredients as we can, but anything that’s not organic will be local, or responsible (fair trade, for example).

Are all of your ingredients organic?

No. Our priority is to purchase locally-grown ingredients from great local suppliers. We try to use local AND organic, but when faced with situations where we have to choose, we may go with healthy local options that are not always certified organic.  We are trying to source local and organic milk and cream, but, until we can find a product that meets our quality standards, we have opted for a family farm that is local, sustainable, and hormone/antibiotic free.

Will you be making low-fat ice cream?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  Good one.  Seriously, no.  Our sorbets are low fat—and delicious!

I would love to read your shipping policies.

Wow, are you in luck. We have a whole page. Check it out here.