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Red Wagon Creamery Ice Cream Flavors

Heart of Chocolate

Imagine chocolate. Real chocolate. Now, imagine an ice cream that isn’t made by just dumping cocoa powder into a vat of base mix, but where chefs actually melt organic chocolate buttons to make an ice cream with the creamy intensity of an artisan chocolate bar. Okay. Now you’ve got the picture on how we make Heart of Chocolate.



Bear with us — we are actually still a really small company. We just happen to make kick-ass ice cream. Until we can get someone so dedicated to updating the website that they will upload new photos and descriptions every three weeks, here's what we can tell you about this selection. We make seasonal flavors that are subject to whatever is fresh, and whatever whim strikes us. From Beet & Chocolate to Strawberry Basil Pink Peppercorn, you'll just have to trust us. We don't make any bad flavors. Choose this one, and you'll get something good. We promise.




Oh, vanilla. You get a bad rap sometimes. That’s why we made it with bourbon vanilla beans from Eugene’s own Singing Dog Vanilla. Not only is it organic and fair-trade plus, sustainably sourced from Papua New Guinea and Indonesia, but it gives the deepest, richest vanilla flavor around. It’s cold, and creamy, and delicious on its own, or paired with a slice of pie.


Oregon Mint Chip

This is not your standard mint chip. First, it’s not green. Second, it actually tastes like mint. Why? Because we don’t use dyes or colors; instead, we use actual mint leaves. We source fresh spearmint and chocolate mint from local farmers, then release the bright mint oils from the leaves into the cream, creating a truly unique, refreshing dessert. As the ice cream melts in your mouth, you’re reminded that mint is an herb, not a flavoring. In short, this is a mint chip ice cream that stays beautifully flavorful to the last bite.


Smoked Salt Caramel

Sweet. Smoky. Salty. Creamy. Since we started in 2010, we have set the standard for salted caramel, with an ice cream that has balance and layers. A lovely caramel ice cream is touched with hickory-smoked sea salt, combining for a flavor that will make you feel like you’re eating a salted caramel next to a campfire. Sure, you’ve had salted caramel ice cream– but this will blow you out of the water.


Wandering Goat Coffee

We worked for three months with local coffee roasters Wandering Goat Coffee to develop our own method for making an ice cream base that is rich and creamy, but allows the nature of the beans to fully develop. Using organic, fair-trade Cafe Feminino (a half-pound of coffee per gallon of ice cream), our Wandering Goat Coffee Ice Cream not only has the taste, but the aroma, of a great cup of coffee. No one will blame you if you switch to a morning scoop.


Hail to the Bee

Hail to the Bee is the perfect show case for Pacific Northwest clover honey. We start with locally-sourced clover honey from GloryBee, and make a base that allows the robust flavor of the honey to shine through. Then, we use the honey to make a honeycomb toffee, and mix in bits of the toffee with organic, fair trade 70% cacao chocolate stracciatella.

1% of the sales of this ice cream go to preserving and protecting our endangered bee colonies through GloryBee’s Save the Bee Campaign!